First Name: Archie
Position: Senior Software Developer
Location: Shanghai
Education: Bachelor in Computer Science, Tongji University
Nationality: Chinese

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m Shanghainese and studied Computer Science at Tongji University. I started my career at Eclipse towards the end of 2020 as a C++ Low Latency Engineer.

What were you doing before joining Eclipse?

I worked for Morgan Stanley’s High-Performance Engineering team for 2 years after my graduation from university. I was responsible for developing reusable fundamental building blocks like network and messaging libraries for latency-sensitive systems across the company.

In which activities, organizations or hobbies where you involved during your studies?

I’ve always been fascinated by how large changes can be made with technology, so I devoted lots of my time to web app development for my teachers and schoolmates. There is an online examination system built by me for Tongji University that still serves thousands of students to this day.

Describe your journey through Eclipse in terms of roles and responsibilities

My journey with Eclipse started with the technically challenging task of building real-time market data feed for Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. I’ve built relationships between different teams and received great guidance from senior staff to build up my business knowledge and technology skills. Most recently, I have been working on building modern order execution solutions for the stock options markets in China, and ultimately manage the project.

Describe your role and tell me about your typical work day

I work as a C++ software developer in the Low Latency China team, based in Shanghai. I am responsible for developing and maintaining latency-sensitive code specifically for China markets, such as market data, order execution and algorithmic trading software.

Coding is a major part of my work, but I also get the chance to learn about any problems we’re facing in the market through direct discussions with quants and traders and design the solutions.
I also help the Trading Support team to diagnose production issues from time to time.

What would you say to someone considering a career at Eclipse?

If you are interested in financial markets and want to see how technology can make an impact in the industry, jump in! We have loads of interesting problems to solve and you will work with friendly colleagues who are always willing to help.