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What is an Options Market Maker?

Options market making involves sending a two-sided quote to the market; i.e. a price which you are willing to buy at and a price you are willing to sell at. Options market makers typically “make” quotes on many or all of the different option strikes and maturities listed on an underlying security.

What is prop trading?

Proprietary trading refers to trading without customers. All positions are held by the company, and all profits or loss from these positions and trades accrue internally.

Is Eclipse a hedge fund?

We are not a hedge fund. A hedge fund trades on behalf of investors. Our firm is owned almost entirely by the staff.

What is the culture at Eclipse?

We are proud to have an informal, dynamic and collaborative culture. As a firm, we value input from all of our staff – everyone has something to contribute, regardless of their background, skill set or experience. We are also driven to improve and set new, higher standards for ourselves and the industry, everyday.

If I start as a Trainee Trader, how long is the training program?

The training program runs for around three months. Then, once the trainee has passed their regulatory exams, they can commence trading under the mentoring of an experienced trader.

If I failed the recruitment tests for the Trainee Trader program, can I reapply?

No, unfortunately we only allow applicants to attempt the tests once.

If I start as a Graduate Developer, how long is the training program?

Our Graduate Developers go through a 2-month rotational program including hands-on training, as they learn about options trading and rotate through each of our development teams.  When they have completed the rotation, they will be fully integrated into one of our development teams and work under an experienced software developer.

Does Eclipse offer internships?

Yes, we currently have a 1-month Summer Trading Internship based in our Hong Kong office.  Details can be viewed in our careers page.

Can I apply if I am not currently living in Hong Kong?

Our people are from diverse backgrounds and we are proud of our international culture. We encourage applications from outside Hong Kong and will apply for a working visa if necessary for successful applicants.

What are the work hours for all roles?

We work hard, but by working smart, we have reasonable hours. It’s more important to be productive than to count hours or watch when your boss leaves.

Are employees entitled to purchase shares in the company?

Most senior staff members will be offered the chance to purchase shares. This is one of the major benefits of working at Eclipse for senior staff, and sets us apart from the competition.