First Name: Scott
Position: Software Developer
Location: Sydney
Education: Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science), University of Sydney
Nationality: Australian 

Why did you join Eclipse?

When I was at university, a friend recommended working at a prop trading firm and that’s when I discovered Eclipse. They had a Java team working in Sydney which appealed to me.

I didn’t know that much about financial markets however I had some interest in the area. During the hiring process, I learned more about Eclipse and their IT teams and was excited about the opportunity to work for them.

Describe your journey through Eclipse in terms of roles and responsibilities

I joined Eclipse as a Graduate Software Developer. As with all things, I started off slow and had to learn the Company’s development processes and systems before I could begin to ramp up my contribution. The excellent supervision and guidance from senior developers and the broader team have given me the ability to take on more ownership of my work and increase my involvement in projects. I have now progressed to a Software Developer and I’m more involved in larger initiatives within the Company and have been given bigger opportunities to contribute.

Describe your role and tell me about your work every day.

Working as a Software Developer in the Java team, I spend a lot of my time in code – whether it be writing, reading, testing, or debugging. On a daily basis, I contribute to various projects the team is working on. I work closely with developers across all our offices to ensure work that spans across multiple IT teams is completed in a timely manner. I also work closely with traders to understand their requirements better and assess how software changes impact their trading opportunities.

 Why do you like working at Eclipse?

I enjoy working at Eclipse because the Company is relatively small, which gives me the freedom to own larger pieces of work. You are able to make suggestions and look at ways of improving any aspect of our platform and your colleagues listen and action your contributions where possible. The approach to work prioritisation at Eclipse is excellent and business requirements are well balanced against outstanding technical-related issues. The flat structure and casual workplace environment are a major plus and allow you to learn from others across all locations and teams.

What would you say to someone considering a career at Eclipse?

If you want to be involved in a fast-paced, engaging work environment in a constantly evolving industry, Eclipse is for you. You will be surrounded by smart, driven individuals who push all involved to get the most out of the work that they do. Having been at Eclipse for multiple years now, I am constantly learning and enhancing my skills as a developer and am encouraged by others around me who feel the same.