First Name: Frank
Position: Senior Software Developer
Location: Shanghai
Education: Master in Communication Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China
Nationality: Chinese

What were you doing before joining Eclipse?

Before joining Eclipse, I spent 5 years working for Morgan Stanley in their FX Velocity Quoting team where I learned how to build latency-critical trading applications. After working for a global scale company for many years, I wanted to explore the opportunity to work in a small, Asia-focused company, and Eclipse turned out to be a good fit.

Describe your journey through Eclipse in terms of roles and responsibilities

I started my career at Eclipse in 2019. My journey started with building the market data and order execution libraries for China mainland markets when a series of new Options products were launched in 2019. Later on, I spent time building and improving our libraries in Hong Kong and Australia. More recently, I am focusing on the order execution for the Taiwan Futures Exchange.

The work in the Low Latency team requires me to understand in depth how different exchanges work. Combining the domain knowledge of the financial markets with various cutting-edge technologies, we build reliable and fast trading software.

Describe your role and tell me about your typical work day

I am part of the Low Latency team, which is responsible for developing and maintaining the Company’s market data and order execution libraries and algorithmic trading engines.

I spend most of my time writing code but I also spend time working with quants and traders to discuss their requirements, collaborating with other IT teams to push forward the projects I own, and helping the support team to diagnose production issues, etc.

Why do you like working at Eclipse?

The work at Eclipse is always interesting and challenging. I am surrounded by a group of talented people, who are readily available to answer any questions I have. Being a small company, teams work closely with each other. Each individual has the opportunity to take on bigger responsibility, which usually means more opportunities to learn and grow.

What is unique about Eclipse?

Eclipse promotes an open and innovative working environment. IT teams have a close relationship with the trading and quant teams. Every developer has the opportunity to get involved in every step of the software development process.

How do you spend your free time?

I am a big fan of basketball. While studying at university, I got actively involved in various basketball games. The competitive spirit and team made me grow physically and mentally. I also enjoy cycling and have done a few long, tough rides between cities.