First Name: Haris
Position: Junior Trader
Location: Hong Kong
Education: Mathematics (BA), University of Cambridge
Nationality: British

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m originally from London in the United Kingdom and I studied Mathematics at Churchill College at the University of Cambridge. I moved to Hong Kong and joined Eclipse in September 2019 on the Trainee Trader programme.

What attracted you to Eclipse?

Eclipse has a really strong training programme in which experienced senior traders take their time out, teach you everything they know, and show you the ropes. Eclipse is also pretty quick in giving you responsibility once you pass the training programme. I was trading on my own book and managing my own risk after passing the 3-month training program which is something I’m not sure you can get in lots of other places. Following that, there’s continuous guidance as you learn to trade and experience new scenarios, so I’m learning every day, even a year on from starting my career at Eclipse. 

What is it like living and working in HK?

Living and working in HK is an experience. Hong Kong is an exciting city. It’s full of lots of other young professionals from all over the world and a real blend of east meets west in the food and nightlife. There’s always something to do and being such a built-up city, you’re also pleasantly surprised by how close you are to the beaches so you can spend summery days out almost all year-round.

What’s your role? What’s a typical day like for you?

I’m currently a Junior Trader trading equity derivatives on the Hong Kong stock team. A typical day for me starts with checking the news and what happened around the world overnight that could move the markets and in particular my stocks. Traders then meet in the morning to discuss what has happened and share opinions before the market opens. Then it’s time to trade and see what the markets will throw at me. After trading, there’s some time to work on projects for research, automation, or anything that will improve our trading and automation.

Any advice to our potential candidates?

If you want to work in a team environment where you will be challenged and learn a lot from experienced, intelligent people, then you have nothing to lose by applying to work with us. Specifically, for the Trainee Trader role, I would say we have a really strong training program. You get to learn from experienced traders on how to trade and gain the skillset needed to become a successful trader. Eclipse is a place that invests a lot of time into teaching you what you need to know to excel.